Dominique - Emotions & Voices

Richard - Direction & Machines
Base of Operations: New YorkLabel: Alfa-Matrix (Belgium)
All Music Copyright Control 2001 - 2014
All Music Recorded at Fierce Frequencie, New York

The alluring Industrial N ' Beats act Neikka RPM first appeared on the scene in 2001. A steady stream of h igh-profile compilation appearances ultimately led up to their first full-length album, “The Gemini Prophecies”. A debut album that quickly attained cult-status for the band and placed Neikka RPM on music charts all over the world, sparked countless compilation invitations and generated an onslaught of magazine interviews. “The Gemini Prophecies” still continues to storm several years after its release, fueled by their international club mega-hit "Here's Your Revolution" (which achieved DAC Top 100 Songs of 2004).  The stairway that descended even further into the wicked world of Neikka RPM was unveiled in 2006 with the release of their second album, “Rise of the 13th Serpent”.  The Gemini Prophecies, Here’s Your Revolution EP and Rise of the 13th Serpent each reached the DAC Top Ten Album Charts.What would become Neikka RPM happened by a twist of fate, a chance meeting of two strangers. Dominique and Richard were drawn to each other on Valentine's Day among the shifting shadows of a New York Goth club, and hours of wine-soaked conversation revealed that they were both possessed and lured by the same sonic obsession. They quickly began recording together taking a strange and haunting journey into a world of vicious beats and venomous seduction. The music of Neikka RPM is a dark-pulse of fury resonating from within the underground catacombs of New York. Their sound, a unique mixture of ultra-aggressive soundscapes and Dominique’s bewitching vocals, has been described by one reviewer as “a beautiful wave of destruction that stays with you long after the CD ends.” Neikka RPM is the creator of a pounding club-floor sonic assault that sounds much like a fusion between the raw-energy of Front 242 (Re:Boot), the sexy shimmer of Starseeds and the hard-electronica attitude of Prodigy (Fat of the Land)…one can only succumb to the frenzy beneath the crush of each club-destroying track.
Neikka RPM’s conquests do not stop on the hardbeat dancefloors, the duo continues to place their dark slinky style of music in many media outlets including U.S. TV programs, independent films as well as creating over 60 remixes for bands, artists and labels all over the world.
The third full-length album, CHAIN LETTERS is the raven rising from the ominous shadows, the seal has begun to disintegrate and is slowly breaking open to unleash the next venomous chapter from the Neikka RPM chronicles...  The Temptress will hold you down and make you beg for more as she caresses your body and gently pulls your soul out from your parched lips.