2019Depeche Mode Tribute!New single, "More Than Party"
Endzeit Bunkertracks!New single, "Into Rage"
2018                                                        New Release! Battle Scars EP      Remix - Aiboforcen                        Matrix Downloaded vol. 7                EBM Vol. 2                                                     Fall*  Front 242 Tributer Compilation"Bo dy to Body"
*  The Cure Tribute Compilation* New Single Tease Me Disease Me* New Remixes

Spring 2014

New Remixes

Summer & Fall 2013
New music placements TV/Film  
New Remixes and Compilation Appearances 

Spring, Summer & Fall 2012 New Reviews, New Remixes, TV and & Film Placements! 
Winter 2012 
New Interviews, New Compilation Appearances Coming Soon 

Fall 2011
New Album!

Summer 2011
New Remix Released!More film & TV spots 

Spring 2011
New Video Release! "Mind on the Trigger" -Sonic Seducer Magazine DVD 
New Compilation Appearance!"Get the Balance Right"Re:Covered Depeche Mode Tribute Vol. 2 
New Remix Released!"The Twin Moons" - Siva Six remixed by Neikka RPM 

Winter 2011
Music appearing in TV - Australia and New Zealand 

New Compilation Appearances"Warped" Studio Matrix 1 "Everlasting" Electronic Body Matrix 

Fall 2010 

Neikka RPM's "Here's Your Revolution" appears on DJ Taiki (Japan's #1 scene DJ)continuous mix CD - AsiaMatrix New Remixes Released! 

Spring/Summer 2010 Remixes released for Unter Null, Leaether Strip & Freakangel 
Winter 2010  Remixes and Compilation Appearances including Endzeit Bunkertracks vol. 5 and Unter Null remix 

Fall 2009

Neikka RPM Music in U.S. TV Shows  

Summer 2009Adding new music to our catalog for TV/Film use & Remixes! 

Neikka RPM's latest single, "WARPED"appears in the Feburary 09 issue of Zillo (Germany) New Sounds and Signals Compilation  

Neikka RPM albums Re-released in Russia! 
Endzeit Bunkertracks vol. III named No. 2 album in 2008 (German Alternative Charts)  
Re:Connected 3.0 Reaches No. 1 DAC (German Alternative Charts)wk Nov. 28 

New Remixes, New Singles!  
New single "Warped" and new video "Everlasting" Re:Connected 3.0 (Alfa-Matrix)  

New Neikka RPM single - benefit CD Virginia J. Frank Ovarian Cancer Foundation  

Neikka RPM featured on  

Neikka RPM's latest single, "Umbrae Sub Noctem" on the No. 1 and No. 2 Comp. Albums, German Altenative Charts (March 2008, wk 9)  

Advanced Electronics vol. 6 (No. 1 position) Endzeit Bunkertracks vol. III (No. 2 position)  

Endzeit Bunkertracks on top of the 

German Alternative Album Charts - 7 week at No. 1 (Feb. 2008)  

"Umbrae Sub Noctem" New Single Endzeit Bunkertracks Compilation Act III Reaches the No. 1 Position German Alternative Charts, wk 3)  

Nothing Warms This Room (Neikka RPM remix) The Crystalline Effect - Hypothermia New Today  

"Beyond" Hypofixx - After December New Neikka RPM Remix  

"Girls With No Fear" New Single Fxxx The Mainstream Compilation  

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