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Neikka RPM Releases


The Gemini Prophecies 2 Disc Limited CD
The Gemini Prophecies CD
Here's Your Revolution EP

"One And Only" - Sonic Seducer (German Magazine Compilation) April. 2004

"Here's Your Revolution" - Dark Horizons Compilation

"Here's Your Revolution (With Vengeance)" - Orkus (German Magazine Compilation) Jan. 2004

"Here's Your Revolution" DJ Venom Straight Bangin' (Topaz Records, NY)

"Here's Your Revolution (With Vengeance)" - Sounds From the Matrix (Alfa-Matrix) Jan. 2004

"Surrender" - Futronik Structures vol 4. (DSBP) Nov. 2003

"100 Years" (Remix by Neikka RPM) Seize - The Other Side Of Your Mind (Alfa-Matrix) - OCT 2003

"Bound With Sympathy" - State of Synthpop (A Different Drum)

"One And Only" - CyberL@b 4 (Side-Line) - JULY 2003

:RITUAL: (Italian Magazine Compilation)- JUNE 2003

"Blush" (Remix by Neikka RPM) Razed In Black - Damaged (Cleopatra Records) - JUNE 2003

"Here's Your Revolution" Sonic Seducer Magazine Compilation Sampler (Sonic Seducer, Germany)

"Bound With Sympathy" Annihilation & Seduction (BLC Productions, USA)

"I Am Your Girl" & "Feel Your Soul" Square Matrix 003 (Alfa-Matrix, Belgium)

"Here's Your Revolution" Matrix Connexion (Alfa-Matrix, Belgium) - Special DJ Edition

UBAHN STREET series (vol.1- feb 2003/ vol.2 - OCT 2003) (Ubahn Records, France)

"Hate You" featuring guest vocals by Dominique of NEIKKA RPM
GLIS - Balance (Alfa-Matrix, Belgium) - FEB 2003

"In The Circle" (Remix by Neikka RPM)
Hungry Lucy - Glo (Alfa-Matrix, Belgium) - JANUARY 2003

"Closing In" Venusa XX Vol. 2 (Side-Line, Belgium) - NOVEMBER 2002

Venusa XX Vol. 2 also includes a Neikka RPM remix of the Chandeen song, "My World Depends On You"

"Here's Your Revolution" Square Matrix 002 (Alfa-Matrix, Belgium) - SEPTEMBER 2002

"Turn Away" Best of Gothic Radio Vol. 1 (Dark Future Music, Hollywood, CA) - SEPTEMBER 2002

"Here's Your Revolution" Cryonica Tanz Vol. 2 (Cryonica Music, UK) - AUGUST 2002

A¤BOFORCEN lobotomie matricielle (vox mix) featuring NEIKKA RPM (Alfa-Matrix, Belgium) - JUNE 2002

"Feel Your Soul" Elektrauma Vol. 6 (Triton Records, Germany) - MAY 2002

"Nothing Is Indestructible" (Deeper Stare Remix by Neikka RPM)
Epsilon Minus limited edition (luxury box + bonus cd) (Alfa-Matrix, Belgium) - MAY 2002

"I Am Your Girl" (Viper Version)
Cyberl@b Compilation v.3.0 (Alfa-Matrix, Feb. 2002)

alfa club matrix edition 001
Promotional Compilation Release
Includes Two Neikka RPM Tracks
(Let Me Destroy You & No Mercy)
In Support of the CyberL@b v.3.0 World Release

"Shores of Forever" Revolution Remix by Neikka RPM
Regenerator limited edition (luxury box + bonus cd) (Alfa-Matrix)

Production Work & Publishing


MOTHER MADE ME - Mystical Media


nVision (Takasago Fragrance, Japan, 2001) (Co-Written & Produced)
Croc Hunter vs. Blair Witch (Pop.com, 2000)
Secret Agent X (Lifestyles Commercial Video Award Winner, 1998)
Memories of Mathews Place (Student Academy Award Winning Film Alternative Category, 1996)
Senseless (Independent Film)
Pop (Independent Film)
Going Out In Style (Lifestyles Commercial Video)
Suit (Lifestyles Commercial Video)
Slap Shots Commercial (Co-Produced)
Digital Planet Interactive Software (Co-Produced)


Blue Dolphin Music
Creative Entertainment Music
Decidedly Superior Music
License Music
Modern Rights / Modern Groove
One Hot Note Music Publishing sub-published through
BMG Music Publishing Japan, Inc.
BMG Music Publishing Hong Kong, Ltd
& BMG Music Publishing B.V. (Netherlands)

:: New Singles ::

"Here's Your Revolution"
Maxi Single EP

- Featuring Remixes by

- Rotersand, Human Decay

- Razed In Black, Negative Format

- DJ Delobbo & many more!

copyright © 2004 Neikka RPM - All rights reserved.