Summer 2014 
* New Single "Tease Me Disease Me"

Spring 2014
New Remixes

Summer & Fall 2013
New music placements TV/Film  
New Remixes and Compilation Appearances 

Spring, Summer & Fall 2012 New Reviews, New Remixes, TV and & Film Placements! 
Winter 2012 
New Interviews, New Compilation Appearances Coming Soon 

Fall 2011
New Album!

Summer 2011
New Remix Released!More film & TV spots 

Spring 2011
New Video Release! "Mind on the Trigger" -Sonic Seducer Magazine DVD 
New Compilation Appearance!"Get the Balance Right"Re:Covered Depeche Mode Tribute Vol. 2 
New Remix Released!"The Twin Moons" - Siva Six remixed by Neikka RPM 

Winter 2011
Music appearing in TV - Australia and New Zealand 

New Compilation Appearances"Warped" Studio Matrix 1 "Everlasting" Electronic Body Matrix 

Fall 2010 

Neikka RPM's "Here's Your Revolution" appears on DJ Taiki (Japan's #1 scene DJ)continuous mix CD - AsiaMatrix New Remixes Released! 

Spring/Summer 2010 Remixes released for Unter Null, Leaether Strip & Freakangel 
Winter 2010  Remixes and Compilation Appearances including Endzeit Bunkertracks vol. 5 and Unter Null remix 

Fall 2009

Neikka RPM Music in U.S. TV Shows  

Summer 2009Adding new music to our catalog for TV/Film use & Remixes! 

Neikka RPM's latest single, "WARPED"appears in the Feburary 09 issue of Zillo (Germany) New Sounds and Signals Compilation  

Neikka RPM albums Re-released in Russia! 
Endzeit Bunkertracks vol. III named No. 2 album in 2008 (German Alternative Charts)  
Re:Connected 3.0 Reaches No. 1 DAC (German Alternative Charts)wk Nov. 28 

New Remixes, New Singles!  
New single "Warped" and new video "Everlasting" Re:Connected 3.0 (Alfa-Matrix)  

New Neikka RPM single - benefit CD Virginia J. Frank Ovarian Cancer Foundation  

Neikka RPM featured on  

Neikka RPM's latest single, "Umbrae Sub Noctem" on the No. 1 and No. 2 Comp. Albums, German Altenative Charts (March 2008, wk 9)  

Advanced Electronics vol. 6 (No. 1 position) Endzeit Bunkertracks vol. III (No. 2 position)  

Endzeit Bunkertracks on top of the 

German Alternative Album Charts - 7 week at No. 1 (Feb. 2008)  

"Umbrae Sub Noctem" New Single Endzeit Bunkertracks Compilation Act III Reaches the No. 1 Position German Alternative Charts, wk 3)  

Nothing Warms This Room (Neikka RPM remix) The Crystalline Effect - Hypothermia New Today  

"Beyond" Hypofixx - After December New Neikka RPM Remix  

"Girls With No Fear" New Single Fxxx The Mainstream Compilation  

Rise of the 13th Serpent moves in to the TOP 10 No. 10 on the DAC German Alternative Charts Week Dec. 18  

Rise of the 13th Serpent moves up to No. 13 on the DAC German Alternative Charts Week Dec. 4  

Rise of the 13th Serpent "Bullet" No. 14 on the DAC German Alternative Charts Week Nov. 27  

New Album Release Date Set!! Rise of the 13th Serpent Oct. 27th  

New October Interviews: Flash (Italy) Zillo (Germany) Sonic Seducer (Germany)  

Neikka RPM now on iTunes!  
New Singles & Remixes Released!  

New Neikka RPM single! "Find A Way" Endzeit Bunkertracks [ act II ] dark elektro/industrial compilation 4CD-boxset Germany's Zillo and Sonic Seducer music magazines sampler of the month, June 2006  

Neikka RPM named to the Deutsche Alternative Charts 2004 - TOP 100 Singles List for "Here's Your Revolution"

First new Neikka RPM single in 2005! "Storm Of Hell (Complete The Fear)" Endzeit Bunkertracks [ act I ] dark elektro/industrial compilation 4CD-boxset No. 1 on the DAC (wks April 4 & April 7)  

New Neikka RPM Single! "Demon Breeder" (Re:Connected Compilation)  

The Gemini Prophecies - Reviewed in July's issue of STUFF Magazine - 4 out of 5 Stars!  

Neikka RPM - Cover Girl for Musicwerks Magazine Summer Issue #03  

The Gemini Prophecies - Belgian Side-Line Album Chart Peaked at No. 1 (on chart for 8 weeks)  

Here's Your Revolution - Belgian Side-Line Singles Chart Held No. 1 position for 3 weeks (on chart for 9 weeks)  

Here's Your Revolution EPCD - Deutsche Alternative Charts achieved "Highest Climber" and peaked at no. 7 (on chart for 6 weeks)